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Busy, Busy, Busy!

I've been busily working on some more pieces for my website and have a couple of sneak peaks for you. These pieces are in the making still but I will hopefully have some finished in the next week or two. These are all mixed media on polymer and so much fun to make.

I've named this design Bridal Silk - with shades of white, pear, translucent white and gold. I've included sparkles and gold leaf to set it off. this will be topped with resin to give a beautiful glossy finish. It reminds me so much of a shantung silk wedding gown I decided to call it just that, Bridal Silk.

These little galaxies and miky ways will also be up soon. Named 'We are star dust'. A little bit of deep space on a pendant. Beatiful deep blue and purple with loads of twinkly stars and gold dust.

Keep an eye out!

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